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A Story of Hope
 I am very thankful to Lord Almighty for Miracles that He has performed in every moment of my life. If it is true you believe in God and miracles to work in your life than you need to understand that God performs miracles through doctors. I express my ap...
  Mrs. Clara Maridas
Straight Talk
Cancer is an ailment that always invokes feelings of fear and hopelessness in the minds of people. This needn’t be the case. Much of the tragedy due to cancer is because of late diagnosis making the cure impossible. The good news is that today we have ex...
  Dr. Paul C. Salins
  Medical Director
What's New
Apr 26 2012
Cure Thalassemia – NH Agreement

An agreement between NH and Cure Thalassemia(CT) has been signed; CT can use the BMT units of NH and MSCC for its patients who want to do a Bone Marrow Trasplantation (BMT),under the daily supervision of Dr. Pietro Sodani (CT co-founder and scientific coordinator), and with the scientific advice of Prof. Lucarelli, the worldwide authority in the field of BMT for thalassemia.

NH can also use the scientific advice of Dr. Sodani and Prof. Lucarelli for its thalassemia patients,but without a daily supervision.

Furthemore CT,NH and MSCC will work together to: 

1. significantly reduce the cost of the BMT 

2. do research in the field of BMT both for matched donor and haploidentical BMT 

A joint co-ordination committee,whose chairman is Dr. Devi Shetty (NH and MSCC Founder and Chairman),consisting of executive of both the institutions has been formed which will oversee the overall functioning of the BMT Unit.

Cure Thalassemia is a Social Business which provides affordable Bone Marrow Transplantation through the cross-subsidization model.


Dec 10 2011
Smoking strongly associated with non-melanoma skin cancer in women

Women who have non-melanoma skin cancers are more likely to have smoked cigarettes as compared to women without skin cancer, a new study has claimed. 

Researchers investigated the relationship between cigarette sipants were recruited through Limoking and non-melanoma skin cancers, including basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and squamous cell carcinomas (SCC).
Smoking histories were assessed and compared between patients diagnosed with either BCC or SCC, or both, and a group of controls comprised of patients who were screened for skin cancers, but who were not diagnosed with and had no history of skin cancer. Read more…
Dec 8 2011
Bowel cancer screening ‘does cut deaths’

A bowel cancer screening program is on course to cut deaths by a sixth, say researchers studying results from the first million people tested. However, the work, published in the journal Gut, has raised concerns that the program, launched in 2006, misses tumours in certain parts of the colon. 

Testers checked a faeces sample for signs of abnormal bleeding. The researcher who analysed the results said money should be spent on bringing in more sensitive tests.
Part of the reason for the high mortality rate is that symptoms often do not appear until cancer is advanced and harder to treat. The screening program aims to catch the tumors earlier, meaning more patients can be cured. Several million people aged 69 and over have now been screened, with approximately half of those invited taking part. Read more…
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