Breast oncology

About the Department

The Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Center’s (MSCC) breast cancer department is the first dedicated breast cancer unit in South India. This world class cancer center is the brain child of Dr. Devi Shetty and Dr. Kiran Muzumdar and comes with a State-of-the-art infrastructure, oncoplastic surgeons and breast oncologist.

Breast Cancer unit is at Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Center in NH Health City, Bangalore. It has a team of Oncoplastic breast surgeons, radiation oncologists and pain and palliative care specialist who has a high success rate in microvascular reconstructions of breast using tissues from the stomach.

It is the most common cancer in women all over India and accounts for 25% to 31% of all cancers in Indian cities. Breast cancer is common in women in their 30s and 40s and there is an observed rising number of breast cancer in India.


Name :- Dr. Poovamma C U

Designation :- Consultant

Qualification :- MS, FNB, Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

About Dr. Poovamma C U

Dr. Poovamma is a Breast Oncoplastic Surgeon in the Breast Unit and Women’s Oncology at the Majumdar Shaw Cancer Center and the Narayana Hurdalaya Multi Specialty Hospital, Bangalore India. She has over 5 years of surgical experience including super specialization in Breast Oncoplastic Surgery.

Areas of expertise and interest

Surgical Oncology ad Breast Oncoplasty, Reduction and Augmentation Mammoplasty, Radioimmunoguide Occult Lesion Localisation - ROLL