Cure Thalassemia – NH Agreement

Cure Thalassemia – NH Agreement
2015-04-13 00:00:00
An agreement between NH and Cure Thalassemia(CT) has been signed; CT can use the BMT units of NH and MSCC for its patients who want to do a Bone Marrow Trasplantation (BMT),under the daily supervision of Dr. Pietro Sodani (CT co-founder and scientific coordinator), and with the scientific advice of Prof. Lucarelli, the worldwide authority in the field of BMT for thalassemia. NH can also use the scientific advice of Dr. Sodani and Prof. Lucarelli for its thalassemia patients,but without a daily supervision. Furthemore CT,NH and MSCC will work together to: 1. significantly reduce the cost of the BMT 2. do research in the field of BMT both for matched donor and haploidentical BMT A joint co-ordination committee,whose chairman is Dr. Devi Shetty (NH and MSCC Founder and Chairman),consisting of executive of both the institutions has been formed which will oversee the overall functioning of the BMT Unit. Cure Thalassemia is a Social Business which provides affordable Bone Marrow Transplantation through the cross-subsidization model.