Gastrointestinal (GI) Cancer Tumour Board

About the Tumour : 

At Mazumdar Shaw Cancer, a team of our experts from surgical oncology, radiation oncology,medical oncology, radiology, pathology, nuclear medicine and  related disciplines (gastroenterology) come together in the Tumour Board meetings to discuss various cases and form a customized/ joint decision on the treatment plan. We believe that each patient and his/her disease is unique, hence our team of experts customize a 'personalized treatment plan'. We constantly review and improve our protocols and encourage the participation of our patients as well as care givers to understand the disease and its treatment process. All cancer patients are discussed in the tumour board and a copy of decision shared with the patient.

Lead Image: 
Lead Name: 
Dr Bhawna Sirohi
Senior consultant Head of Medical Oncology
MBBS, DCH, CCT Medical Oncology (UK), FRCP (UK)
Contact Detail: 

Surgical Oncology: Dr. Keneth D’Cruz, Dr. Chandrashekhar, Dr. Dhananjaya H M

Medical Oncology: Dr. Bhawna Sirohi, Dr Pragnya Coca. 

Radiation Oncology: Dr. Sandeep Jain, Dr. Anitha G.

Medical Gastroenterology: Dr. Gayathri Gopalakrishnan, Dr. M S Sandeep  

Pathology: Dr. Srinivas

Radiology: Dr. Venkatramana Bhat

Pain and Palliative: Dr. Nagaraju M

Nutrition: Ms. Susan Itty

Nuclear Medicine: Dr. Sunil HV

Medical Social Worker: Ms. Mahalakshmi 

Stoma Care: Ms Mahalakshmi, Dr. Gayathri

Hepatologist: Dr. Chandan

Days of tumour Board – Every Tuesday 3.30pm on 6th floor, Room No. 42, Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Center