Note on the oncology nursing unit and the nurses at Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Hospital

To become an oncology nurse, a student nurse must finish an undergraduate degree or diploma in nursing  and obtain licensure as a registered nurse, diploma and associated degree programs takes 3.5 to 4 years to complete. In this oncology hospital the nurses are provided an additional post diploma program in  specialising in oncology, that is one year Post Diploma in Oncology, which is recognised by the Indian Nursing Council.The nurses are given an additional three month specialised course  ( in house) with a set curricula to make them competent before they handle the oncology patients. This is done unit wise. For example BMTU nurse. We have nurses specialised in BMTU under the leadership of Sr Gnanallatha and Sr Biji Mol. They are well versed with the BMTU policies and Protocols to handle all type of patients admitted in the BMTU .The wards are specialised as general, private and  deluxe. The ward nurses are specially trained according to the pre set protocols to handle the different age group, with the support of Sr Varalakshmi and Sr Sreedevi. We do have the special  care rendered  for different conditions such as breast cancer, gynae, head and neck general case on so on. The paediatric specialised nurses undergo the Age Specific competency and PALS. This makes the nurses more competent to handle the children according to their growth and development. This is taken care by Sr Vimala The day care nursing is a big challenge this is been taken care by Sr Jobina and Sr Chitra. and team. They do take care of patients undergo different type of oncology treatment. End of the day they look for patients safety and satisfaction. Nurses are specially trained in Infection Prevention and Control. Over all we have a eminent team of nurses not just with skill but to focus on  expected protocol to get the end result of safety and satisfaction of patients. This unit is over all managed by Sr Lakshmi and Sr Rohini Paul  as the  heads nursing.