Dr. Venkatraman Bhat

Dr. Venkatraman Bhat, MD, MNAMS, FRCR ( Lon)


Senior Consultant - Department of Radiology



About the doctor

Dr. Bhat has an outstanding career, having achieved high level of academic success at medical school, post graduate training and training abroad. Dr. Bhat has unique experience of going through the amazing transformation of imaging from Dark room days to present state of the art Imaging, spanning over a period of 39 years. Dr. Bhat has worked at various positions in many centers of international standing in the country and abroad. Dr Bhat has in depth experience in imaging techniques, imaging in Neonatal, Pediatric, Neurological sciences and Cancer imaging. Dr. Bhat is also programme director of Radiology teaching and member of research committee. Apart from patient care services, he finds immense compassion in mentoring younger doctors for ethical practice and motivating for professional excellence. Research in radiology, teaching and image interpretation strategy have become areas of recent interest.

Areas of Expertise

Head and Neck Imaging, Pediatric radiology, Mammography, Research and teaching
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