Integrative Oncology

About the Department

We at Mazumdar Shaw cancer center are committed to delivering high quality cancer care. The department of integrative oncology focuses on improving your endurance to receive aggressive cancer treatment by enhancing your overall wellbeing with good nutrition, reduce stress, boost immune system, lifestyle modifications according to disease specific needs, physical rehab, individual and family counseling among others to ensure that the cancer treatment can be more effective and delivered without treatment delays or interruption. Our department will focus on all the dimensions of a patient’s wellbeing including physical, psychological, social, spiritual thereby giving a holistic care with patient and family centered approach. This personalized care can in turn enhance the treatment outcome.

Getting a diagnosis of cancer can be devastating. Mind has a very powerful impact on the body and the negative dysfunctional thoughts could have a detrimental impact on the way you feel and behave and in turn hinder the treatment process and outcome. Mind-Body medicine helps the overall emotional well being during cancer treatment by focusing on screening patients and caregivers for dysfunctional thoughts and beliefs, depression, anxiety, anticipatory grief and help with individual and family counseling, stress reduction strategies, pharmacotherapy for depression and anxiety, offer support groups for patients and caregivers. The team has highly qualified psychiatrist and clinical psychologists and use evidence based approach of cognitive behavioral therapy, guided imagery among others for overall well being.

NUTRITION THERAPY: All cancer patients have some amount of malnourishment either due to the cancer itself or due to the side effects of treatment. Nutrition therapy focuses on maintaining adequate calorie balanced diet to maintain the lean body mass which is key in fighting cancer. We also will focus on educating the positive and negative impact that nutrition supplements and alternative medicine can have on your health. The drug interaction with chemotherapy can make the toxicity worse or reduce the efficacy of the treatment. Our experts will evaluate the medication interaction with any supplements you may be taking and advice you correctly. Only the evidence based options available with complementary and alternative medicine can be incorporated into mainstream medicine. Where data is lacking will focus on research and refrain from using unproven modalities in the best interest of cancer patients and treatment outcomes.

PAIN AND SYMPTOM MANAGEMENTMost cancer individuals will have some degree of physical pain or other symptoms related to cancer or treatment itself. We focus on aggressive pain management with our team of interventional pain specialist and also palliative care specialists. This will improve the quality of life and ability to focus on treatment and other daily activities.

ACUPUNCTUREAcupuncture is an ancient Chinese procedure with many medical benefits. Acupuncture will be offered for symptom management of chemotherapy induced refractory nausea, vomiting, symptom of dry mouth due to radiation, and also alleviate stress and hot flashes.

ONCOLOGY REHABILITATIONCancer patient does usually have some amount of fatigue either due to disease or treatment. The experts in rehab will focus on building your strength and endurance to help keep up with daily activities and tolerate treatment maintaining a good quality of life. This department will have physical therapy, speech and swallow therapy, lymphedema therapy, chiropractic care among others.

SPIRITUAL SUPPORTPatients with cancer have spiritual and emotional challenges. This needs to be addressed for overall wellbeing and improved treatment outcome. Our expert team with handle the spiritual needs of patients and their family.

YOGA AND RELAXATION TECHNIQUES: Yoga is a well known for many health benefits. Fatigue is a major problem in cancer patients and yoga has been proven to help with fatigue. Our department will also focus on simple stress free yoga techniques for revitalizing your energy through pranayama. Focus is also to reduce stress, anxiety and help with good sleep. Music and art therapy is also intended to achieve the same objective of relaxation.

SUPPORT GROUPS AND GROUP THERAPYSupport group is essential in coping with cancer diagnosis and share useful information among other patients and caregivers. This enables to strengthen the support system for the patients and caregivers and help in battling this dreadful disease. It will answer the key questions about diagnosis, treatment, side effects, long term implications and survivorship from patients and survivors perspective. Trained clinical psychologists will lead these sessions.

Services & Facilities

Yoga Guru

Yoga Guru with offer yoga, acupressure, heart-mind yoga and body-mind programming. These approaches are intended to improve the overall well being of cancer patients.

Social Welfare Deprartment

Department of Social Services will offer Deaddiction Counseling, Family Counseling, Supportive Groups, financial counseling, Life skills training, Building Social Support and Stress management. The social workers will act as liaison for this holistic cancer care.

Spiritual Guru

will focus on overall wellbeing of cancer patients. He will emphasize on the importance of hope, therapeutic value of forgiveness, humor induced immune benefits, and healing property of intimacy among others. He will address the holistic needs of patients and the caregivers.


Their main focus is delivering a personalized nutrition plan for individual cancer patients. Goal is to Prevent or reverse nutrient deficiencies, preserve lean body mass, maintain strength and energy, protect and boost immune function, decrease the risk of infection, aid in recovery and healing there by maximizing the quality of life and help patients better tolerate treatment.

Department Staff


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