Musculo-Skeletal Oncology

Musculo-Skeletal Oncology

Musculoskeletal services at NH Health City Mazumdar, Cancer Hospital is a specialised service which deals with skin cancer, soft tissue tumours, primary bone tumours and metastatic bone diseases.
All the patients’ treatment algorithms at our centre are prepared based on the current scientific evidence, with innovation individualised to the needs of the patients by a multidisciplinary team. Our multidisciplinary team is composed of highly qualified surgeons, adult medical oncologists, paediatric medical oncologist, radiation oncologists, radiologists, intervention radiologists, physiotherapy and nursing team. We have the centre-of-art infrastructure to operate all kinds of musculoskeletal tumours.

Services & Facilities

Limb salvage by enblock excision of bone sarcomas with reconstruction using biological (allograft, extracorporeal irradiated bone, vascularised fibula) and non-biological methods (mega prosthesis)

Non-invasive expandable metallic prosthesis for children with growth potential

Navigation pelvic tumour resection and reconstruction

Curettage for benign bone lesions

Stabilisation/ endoprosthetic replacement for bone secondaries

Wide excision of soft tissue sarcoma & Brachytherapy

Intervention Radiology

  • Radiofrequency ablation
  • Angio-embolisation
  • Image guided ( CT scan /USG) guided biopsy
  • Image guided cementoplasty ( Vertebroplasty, Acetabuloplasty)
  • Image guided percutaneous  sclerosant injections

Wide excision of skin cancers

Radiotherapy (IMRT, IGRT, SBRT)


  • Skin tumors- Non-healing skin ulcers, black patches over the skin, swelling of the skin
  • Soft tissue tumours- Swelling in the upper limb, lower limb and back
  • Bone tumours/secondaries – Bone pain, bone swelling, know the case of cancers patients with bone pain

No screening tests are available for bone and soft tissue cancers. Biopsy to diagnose the type of tumor is strongly recommended before any surgical procedure in suspected bone and soft tissue cancers. It has to be done by the trained person and at the cancer centre, where patient is going to receive the complete cancer treatment. At centres such as ours, 90% of the patients with bone and soft tissue cancers are treated with limb salvage. Early detection and proper multimodality treatment at a specialised cancer centre is the key for high success rate.

  • Benign bone tumors:

Most of the benign tumors are treated with extended aggressive curettage (scooping) and filling the cavity with bone graft or bone cement. Large tumors may require wide local excision. Non-surgical treatments are available for below mentioned benign tumors –

  • Aneurysmal Bone cyst – Sclerosant Injection
  • Chondroblastoma and Osteoid osteoma – Radiofrequency ablation


  • Malignant bone cancer:

They require multimodality treatment like surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Standard treatment for common malignant bone cancers are as follows:

  • Osteosarcoma- Chemotherapy (neoadjuvant) + Surgery + Chemotherapy (adjuvant)
  • Ewings Sarcoma – Chemotherapy+ Surgery+/- Radiotherapy or Definitive radiotherapy +         chemotherapy
  • Chondrosarcoma- Only Surgery


  • Metastatic bone disease:

Non-surgical management – Inj Zolendronic acid, Inj Denosumab, Radiotherapy

Surgical Management – In long bone it may require stabilisation (with nail/plates) or excision with metallic bone replacement. Metastasis to spine may require decompression and stabilisation


  • Soft tissue cancers :

Standard care of treatment is surgery (wide local excision). Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are given on case basis depending on patient age, type of tumor, size of tumor, location of tumor and recurrence

  • Chemotherapy


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