Paediatric Haematology & Oncology

Paediatric Haematology & Oncology

The treatment of children and young adolescents with cancer is known as Paediatric Oncology. At MSCC, the Paediatric Oncology department has vast experience in the surgical aspects of treatment for various solid tumors. Surgery plays a major role in the management if these tumors. For some patients, surgery is preceded by chemotherapy – makes the surgery more controlled, by reducing the size of the sometimes large tumors. This also helps in the overall treatment results, & cure rates are also improved.

A combination of chemotherapy & surgery has resulted in steady outcomes in children with solid tumors. Most children are cures of their disease, & they resume normal development &b childhood. In addition, a comprehensive multidisciplinary care is mandatory to achieve excellent outcomes.

Cancers in children are of two broad types:

Hematological or Blood related Cancers
Solid Tumours – Tumours that arise from other organs

Of the solid tumours – tumours of the brain and nervous system are common most in children accounting for about 30%.

The other common solid tumours in children are:

Kidney Tumours – such as Wilm’s Tumour
Adrenal Tumours – such as Neuroblastoma
Liver tumours – such as Hepatoblastoma
Soft Tissue Tumours – such as Sarcomas
In addition to the above mentioned common tumours there are a whole range of rarer tumours too.

Pediatric oncology caters to children below 18 years with cancer. The department has an OPD which runs 6 days a week, with a pediatric daycare. Pediatric oncology is a specialized subject different from adult oncology. Cancer in children has good cure rates with pediatric cancer protocols; 75 to 80% of children with cancer can be cured if treated appropriately. Cancers like leukemia, bone tumours like ewing’s sarcoma, osteosarcoma, soft tissue tumors like rhabdomyosarcoma, all kinds of brain tumours, etc are treated with standard Pediatric protocols to ensure high cure rates.Every year more than 150 children are treated for cancers and go on to lead a healthy and productive life


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