Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Monica C
8 years old

She was 2 years old which all of this started. She has high fever an alsur in mouth. We want to Vaydevi Hospital. She has fever for continuous 1month. In the other hospital they did the entire test they could from head to toe, like skin biopsy, bone biopsy and still was no problem detected. Doctor suggested her TB Medicine for 1month still there was no change in her health condition. From Vaydevi I came to know about Narayana team of DR. Sunil Bhatt. He is like god to me. He did one test and we came to know the problem. Her NBT was 8% when the test was done now it is 98%. Dr. Sunil Bhatt did the Bone Marrow Surgery and my cells were given to her. This improved her state a lot. She had a twin brother but their cells did not match at all. I would like to extend my thanks to Dr. Sunil Bhatt and team, my special thanks to our ex CM Mr. H.D.Kumar Swami who sponsored my kids treatment. I am a per day wage staff at HAL, the team supported me in the treatment. Thanks to the doctors team in Narayana for the entire support.

51 years old

I am suffering from breast cancer from 2004. My treatment was going fine and i got better in 2004 from a different hospital. Then in 2013 my cancer relapsed. I was getting my treatment done from Sri shankara hospital. Due to lack of attention from the doctors side, he decided to go for 2nd operation. My son’s friend suggested me Dr. Santosh Gowda. Today I can do everything by my own. Earlier I was completely dependant on my family. I went through many surgeries and many hospitals., but the team of doctors here is the best. Thanks to Dr. Santosh Gowda and his team of doctors and nurses for such a tremendous treatment and patient support.

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