Thoracic Surgery

About the Department

The Department of Thoracic Surgery at Narayana Health City, Bangalore specialises in the surgical management of all thoracic pathologies pertaining to the lungs, oesophagus, mediastinum, chest wall and diaphragm.

The department houses a State-of-the-Art tertiary referral centre offering all major thoracic surgical procedures like complex lung resections, which include segmental and sleeve resections for lung cancer, tuberculosis and other infective conditions, emphysema, and congenital lesions. Our ability in handling the most intricate cases with immense diligence has made us a major referral centre for all types of thoracic surgical problems. Our centre is complemented with well-equipped systems of Chest Medicine and experienced Chest Physicians, Interventional Pulmonologists and Respiratory Technicians which make us a ‘one stop centre’ for all thoracic surgical conditions.


  • Tracheal surgery and reconstructions are our forte and we have handled the largest series of tracheal reconstructions in Karnataka.
  • The unit also specialises in Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery and Mediastinoscopy; (one of the few in the country) capable of performing major intrathoracic surgical procedures through “key holes” with the help of a thoracoscope.
  • The department has been accredited and can perform lung, heart and heart-lung transplants

Services & Facilities

VATS (Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery) -

VATS is a type of thoracic surgery performed using a camera that is inserted through openings in the chest wall, known as ports. The procedure has the advantage of reduced risk of infection and shorter duration of post-surgical recovery.

Lung Volume Reduction Surgery

Lung Volume Reduction Surgery or LVRS is a surgical procedure where a portion of the lung irreversibly damaged by Emphysema or COPD is removed. The procedure is an end stage option in end stage COPD and has shown to increase lung elasticity and diaphragm function

Oesophageal Surgery

The department offers surgical interventions in the management of oesophageal cancer and oesophageal strictures and tears

Mediastinal Tumours Treatment

Major Lung Resections

Lung resections are surgical procedures performed to remove a part or a whole lobe of the lung and is usually employed as a means of surgical management in the early stages of lung cancer

Chest Wall Reconstruction

Chest wall reconstructions are performed in certain cases of acquired or congenital chest deformities. Most chest wall deformities occur as sequelae of untreated infections and as such require surgical reconstruction to restore function.

Management of Cardiothoracic Trauma

The department offers emergency and expert care in the management of cardiothoracic trauma in patients who have been in accidents or were wounded by gunshot, stab or assault injuries.

Chest Wall Tumours Treatment

Department Staff


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